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DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

With temperatures hitting all-time highs across the country, especially here in the Inland Empire, our air conditioners are working overtime to keep us cool and comfortable. But when was the last time you stopped and thought about maintaining your AC unit? Was it the last time it broke down on you? Well, you are in luck. Below you’ll find quick tips for maintaining your AC.

Visual HVAC Inspection

First let’s take a walk around your home. Notice any drafts from any windows, doors, or cracks? If you do, make sure to repair or replace those areas as this is one of the ways warm air can sneak into your home and cold air can sneak out. The inside of your house has more pressure than the outdoors. That’s why you might notice doors slamming if left open.

Air Duct Cleaning

After your quick assessment,  look at your return air ducts and air filters throughout your home. Replace filters, preferably every 6 months (but some dustier areas may find they need to increase the number of replacements each year) and clean those return air ducts. Regular cleaning of the air ducts can help prevent dust build up and help with allergies as well. 

Checking AC Compressor

Once you have noted or made the necessary replacements and repairs inside, let’s head out to your compressor unit. Here you will want to hose off dirt and debris, remove any leaves or items that may be blocking any part of the unit (make sure to not put your hand in or near any moving parts of the unit as this would be hazardous to your health). Make sure that the coils, fan, and all parts of the compressor unit are clean and free of debris, then check the insulation on the pipes running from your compressor to your home. If you note any damage to the insulation, make sure to repair the area right away.

Air Conditioning Repair

Once the outside unit has been refreshed you should be able to head back inside to enjoy your nice cool air-conditioned rooms. Now if you find that these steps did not do the trick, it may be time for a thermostat upgrade. There are many new and improved thermostat versions out there, several of which can now be controlled through apps on your smartphone. Our team can assist you with deciding which thermostat is best for you as well as help with any repairs you may have overlooked or need assistance with completing. To make sure that your AC unit performs at its best all year schedule a regular maintenance appointment with us every spring.