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Help Us Find Socky

Where do lost socks go?

Do you have a favorite pair of socks? They’re cozy, the fit your feet perfectly, and don’t bunch around your toes or hug your ankle too tightly. When they’re clean they’re normally the first pair of socks you reach for. We had a pair of socks like that, perfect in every way. Until one day, we put our favorite pair of socks in the washer and only one came out. Now, we’re on a quest to find out where lost socks go and hopefully reunite Socky with his mate. Come with us on this journey as we look for our missing sock and find out what really happens when good socks go missing.

Who we’re looking forHelp Us Find Socky

Name: Socky

Description: Blue and white crew cut sock.

Distinct Features: He is ultra-soft, has a cushioned sole, and has a smooth toe seam.

Other Information: We’re not sure if he’s traveling alone or with other lost socks. We’re not sure if Socky is a right or a left sock, but we do know he fits perfectly no matter what foot he’s on.

Please help us find Socky, our foot sure is cold without him. He is a valued part of our sock drawer and we just want him back in one piece, no questions asked.

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